Anonymous asked: Is it still realistic enough for this to happen? I'd love to prepare my plans for summer according to whether or not this will ever happen sometime next year but it's been very quiet around here?

From a logistical standpoint—meaning willingness, finances, etc.—the con is still very much viable. However, I’m the only person willing to devote the time needed to get it done at this point, and I’ve been exceedingly busy with academics this summer and will be next year as well. While a lot of people have expressed interest in helping, much of this needs to be done with people I already know and trust before I can include others. I’m also trying to be much more cautious after this summer, to serve as a reminder that not all first-year cons are successful and that coordination is incredibly important. I won’t start AirdotCon until I’m confident that it has the tools it needs to be successful, but please be assured that I do want it to happen.

Anonymous asked: AHHH this looks so cool and I would totally attend but I'm on the west coast and broke D: but it's such a great idea and of all works well and things get going it would be cool to host something on the west coast sometime

I know it’s hard when you’re on the other side of the country, but it’s actually super hard to cost a con in a place you’re unfamiliar with, too! Nothing’s stopping you from holding your own Cabin Pressure party/meet-up somewhere convenient for you, though! :D

Anonymous asked: Can I just ask if this is still a thing that's happening?

With all the hope in our hearts, I think I speak for everyone involved when I say that we do want this to happen. However, there are lots of fundamental hurdles we have yet to get over, like:

  • finding a suitable hotel, with a number of qualifications (like free parking, access to public transportation via airports, free wifi, AND convention rooms with no required catering… all under $110/night)
  • coming up with several thousand dollars to put on as a hotel deposit (which is often needed upfront, and is an expense we personally cannot advance)
  • aaaaaaaaand honestly that’s what it comes to. a lot of people have said, “oh, start a crowdfunding campaign to pay for the hotel down payment!” but you can’t sign a contract without the money, and you can’t ask for the money (in good faith) without a signed contract.
  • so… we’re a bit stuck.
  • we are open to people joining us on the “officer’s board” or whatever idek—if they have experience in this stuff.
Anonymous asked: What about the other CP actors? Do you think Benedict would be able to come?

As a formality, we will likely invite the other actors. However, you have to remember that the cost of hosting celebrity guests is prohibitively high, and due to the small size and budget of our con, coupled alongside Benedict’s very busy schedule, it’s extremely unlikely that he would be able to attend the con. 

Anonymous asked: How likely is it that John Finnemore would be able to come to this con? Are you all going to invite him? I think you should!!

When we have a set date and location for the con, Finnemore will definitely be contacted. Based on intel from our European cousins, his likelihood of attending will vary depending on his schedule at the time of the con — so we’re not going to send him a formal letter until after we have actual details to give him. :)

toweroflondon asked: are you guys still planning for this to happen?

We are! We’re just having a bit of trouble getting a hotel at a reasonable rate, especially since the three main organizers are either a) out of the country, b) crazy-busy at work, or c) stage managing a show.

So, apologies to everyone — we’re still working on it, but everything isn’t falling together as neatly as we had hoped.

Ladies and gentlemen



Are you a Cabin Pressure fan? Are you part of the beautiful Fandot? Have you seen this post about the Airdot-con in the US? Are you crying because you’re european and cool stuff always happen in the US?

Well then, it’s time to move!

Recruitments are open to organise our Euro AirdotCon!

If you’d like to join the production team this is what you need to know:

  • We would be glad to have some people who have some particular skills , knowledge or experience in this area, but we’ll accept any willing volunteer.
  • It would also be great if you lived in Europe, but it’s okay if you live outside and you just want to help!


Surveys, information and a brand new blog will follow soon! 



Euro AirdotCon collaborates with AirdotCon

AirdotCon received many messages and survey responses expressing interest at a UK or European AirdotCon, and the valiant thebritishteapot stepped forth to organize one. If you live in Europe and want to see Euro AirdotCon happen, make sure you send an e-mail or message to thebritishteapot (even if you sent a survey response to AirdotCon) so she can get that flight off the ground!

While we are obviously affiliated with Euro AirdotCon, please redirect any questions and suggestions regarding it to them. When their official blog comes up, we’ll notify you all of that as well.

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Anonymous asked: Airdot con is still in the works and I'm already planning this into my budget for next year! I literally screamed when I first saw this as a possibility and I am so excited to meet other members of the cabin crew! I'm so glad that you guys are organising this and I hope so very much that we can get some set dates/places really soon~

We hope to get the date and location set soon, too! We want people to have as much time as possible to plan to get there. We’ll see you there!

Anonymous asked: What if con staff members all wore flight attendant outfits?

I’m not sure that would help to differentiate us between congoers, but don’t worry, we’ll think of something special. (Spaghetti hats? “STAFF” written on our foreheads in lipstick?)

Anonymous asked: In choosing a location, could you keep in mind Megabus stops? It's a much cheaper alternative to flying and could potentially allow a lot more people to come!

I’ll add that to the list of things we’ll consider! Thanks!

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